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Thanks to our quality, efficiency and honesty, DG Cleaning Services LLC focuses on providing the highest customer satisfaction according to their needs. DG Cleaning Services LLC sells more than cleaning services, worrying not only about the level of detail in each of the services, but also about the safety and health of our clients, providing transparency of what is done and offered, what the client expects and obtains, seeking to satisfy the expectations of our clients.


We want our customers to be happy, that is why we provide cleaning and disinfection services to society with cleaning products and supplies that are friendly to the environment, our health and enemies of pathogens, avoiding the high toxicity present in many of the chemical products on the current market, taking care of the use of each of them in detail, thus contributing to keeping spaces cleaner, sanitized and disinfected but above all healthy. Our services go beyond simple cleaning, paying attention to details so that the environment in which you, your clients and your work team spend a large part of your life is cleaner and healthier.

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