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About DG Cleaning Services LLC

DG Cleaning Services LLC was founded in the city of Shawnee, Kansas in May 2022. DG Cleaning Services LLC was founded and is operated by the owner Doriam A. Gonzalez Gabarrete and was born out of the same need to have the opportunity for a better future, offering the population cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services of good quality, transparency and confidentiality, either unique or recurringly for the maintenance of our clients' properties, being an alternative to take into account with our services offered according to the needs of each customer and each facility; in turn, being able to be rewarded by themselves in the form of income and their satisfaction, income of which a percentage of them will be returned to the population with support for non-profit institutions in the fight against cancer, climate change and any other institution to consider that provides value and quality of life to the population; In return, the hard work of our team, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the facilities, whether commercial or residential, restoring to the population the security of living in a clean and healthier space, minimizing the presence of pathogens and harmful allergens. our health and our quality of life.

At DG Cleaning Services LLC we do not focus on the term of competition in terms of services, we believe in what we offer and how we do it, focusing more on providing good quality and consistency in the services provided to our clients.

Our mission:

Contribute to cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting to improve the health and quality of life of all living beings.

Our vision:

We will make your Residential, company and your work space a clean, healthy, safe and pleasant place so that you can inhabit it and carry out the tasks of your daily life.

Life is Beautiful.
Enjoy it, take care of it, value it, flow with it... Be happy!

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